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Free, all inclusive, life changing, 4-6 weeks.
On-Site Class room training
On-Site driving training 
We own our own truck & trailer.
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Free 5-Day Development Program. Not only assists with employment services, but offers training to increase the odds of success and sustainability.

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R.E.A.P. strives to foster improved family relationships and functioning, reintegration into school, mastery of independent life skills, youth build resiliency, and positive development to divert “our youth” from delinquent and other problematic


Second Location in North Minneapolis!

700 W Broadway, Minneapolis, 55411

Open daily, Monday - Friday from 2pm to 8pm.  

Housing Resources 

Substance Abuse Resources 

Mental Health Services 

Free Computer Lab for Use 

Job Posting Board 

Safe Place for Teens 


get in touch

Location :

6040 Earle Brown Drive, Suite 460, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Hours : 9am - 5pm

Office # : 612-824-0377

Cell # : 612-290-6917


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