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Community Engagement and Events Contracts

Our Community Engagement and Events contracts became successful through our great partnership with Cub Foods and Whole Foods. Through these partnerships I have been able to employ over 120 contractors. My team is stationed throughout the Twin Cities in area stores engaging with shoppers, reducing crime, and building relationships between the stores and the neighborhoods. To date we are in 16 Cub Foods and Whole Foods combined; both in Minnesota and in Chicago.

Xavier’s Employment and Training Center


1300 Lagoon Ave 

Minneapolis, 55408

Suite #240

Hours 8am -5 pm

Office: 612-824-0377

Cell: 612-290-6917



Mental health assessments and resources


Employment Assistance (resume development, mock interviews, job placement)


Pre-employment training (various workshops, skills training)


Victims of Violence Support groups (facilitated by a licensed psychologist)


Free CDL Training Program 

Boots on the Ground Program

We are committed to and continue
to work with young men and woman on violence intervention, violence prevention, showing them another path.  It is our Boots on the Ground Program that is the catalyst, that takes kids from the streets and offers them the services and assistance our center provides.

My Boots on the Ground program offers assistance to any community, business, and/or municipality that needs help.  

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