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     We Push for Peace is a nonprofit organization that was started by Trahern Pollard to be a resource and advocate to those in the inner city.  On a broader scale, our mission is in the name of the organization “We Push for Peace” and our services range from assisting communities in need; local businesses; our youth or local municipalities. 


We own and operate Xavier’s Employment and Training that serves under privileged youth between the ages of 16-24. 

Located at: 

1300 Lagoon St. Suite 240

Minneapolis, MN 55408

We also offer Community Engagement and Events Contracts to local businesses. These contracts became successful through our partnerships with Cub Foods and Whole Foods. To date, I have employed over 120 Independent Contractors who are stationed throughout Metro stores. These partnerships builds relationships between the stores and their neighborhoods; reduces and deters crime; and creates a sense of community in the stores through every experience. 

In addition, my Boots on the Ground program and my team logs over 1000 hours per week engaging with the community and sharing the services we can offer to those struggling.


Services we provide:

Mental health assessments and resources

Employment Assistance (resume development, mock interviews, job placement)

Pre-employment training (various workshops, skills training)

Victims of Violence Support groups (facilitated by a licensed psychologist)

Financial Education and Home Buying classes

If you are need or know of anyone in need of assistance or services please call or email:

In addition, to the above services we provide and offer a Free CDL Training Program at our facility.  Here are the requirements:

* Need to be at least 18 years of age

* Need to have a valid class D license in the state of Minnesota

* Cannot have any restrictions on your current license

* Must be able to attend 1 week of in class room training at our center from 9am to 2pm

If you are interested, you may email us and we will add you to our class list. 








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