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My Story

Why I Speak

Each year approximately 100,000 youth exit formal custody of the juvenile justice system.  In many cases, these youth are discharged back to families struggling with domestic violence, substance abuse, unresolved mental health disabilities, and poverty.  Many return to neighborhoods with little resources and support.  Without support and lacking the necessary skills to cope with adult responsibilities, the youth is at greater risk to recidivate into criminal behavior and/or find themselves homeless.  Through the months, years, decades, this cycle continues, and neighborhoods of unemployment, crime and unrest are created. 

In many cases, the public, will only see what is on the surface, the ramifications; youth, loitering, in parking lots, creating trouble.  Judging or making assumptions, without the lack of understanding to the backstory or the underlying causes.  They need help. They need opportunities, they need guidance, they need someone to understand where they have been and their struggles. 

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TP - DC - May 2022-071_edited.jpg


Sharing my passion, helping our youth. Speaking for and fighting for those who are struggling, especially our youth with mental illness.  That is my journey and greatest motivator. 

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Speaking Engagements

My greatest motivator is having the ability and/or opportunity to change the trajectory of a struggling young person's life.  I am available for speaking engagements at your place of business, jail, youth detention center, youth programs and many more. Please reach out. 

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