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About Us

Making a difference in the lives of our youth and community. 

We Push for Peace, founded by its CEO, Trahern Pollard, is a 501©3 Nonprofit organization.  The mission statement of We Push for Peace is “Making a difference in the lives of our youth and community”.  


The strategy of We Push for Peace to live its mission was to create ways to bridge the business communities to the neighborhoods to bring cohesiveness, understanding, education, mentorship and above all opportunity to those most in need. By partnering with business partners in the neighborhoods, those in which the community frequents, such as Cub Foods, Whole Foods, and various apartment complexes.  Then stationing Community Outreach guards in place of traditional security, not only creates jobs, but more importantly, changes the current dynamics in ways people think about community engagement, relationships, and opportunity. 


Community Engagement and Outreach, if placed in the right businesses and areas of the city, can bring the needed visibility, guidance, mentoring opportunities, and crime and gang deterioration to the forefront.  Those most in need, will see this consistent presence, build up a rapport with the Community Outreach guard and with time the trust needed to ask and accept help. 

Trahern Pollard and the strategy of We Push for Peace is so successful, he is often called upon by the Governor of Minnesota; the Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul; Police Chiefs of many jurisdictions in Minnesota; all the way up to the White House and its Community Violence task force for his knowledge, voice, presence, and solutions surrounding crime, intervention, prevention and creating safe communities. 


Our Founder and CEO

Trahern Pollard, through his own trials and tribulations, has become a known leader and is an expert in the field of crime reduction, crime intervention, teaching tactics to de-escalate situations, and understanding hidden mental health cases. We Push for Peace was founded and created through his passion, calling, sense of duty to give the community, businesses, and government entities and more importantly our youth real solutions and education around crime, intervening and proper ways to de-escalate and alter past cycles.     

The different facets of We Push For Peace

Our Partnerships

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